Cumbria Osteopathy

Cumbria Osteopathy

Niki Matthews BSc Ost (Hons), BMAS, BHSAI Cert Ed Accredited Coach


Pregnancy is a very physical experience. The other has to adapt to carrying up to 20lb of amniotic fluid, placenta and baby. A mother who is physically fit at the start of pregnancy will generally have a more comfortable time both during the pregnancy and labour.

Poor posture, a history of back pain or, if the mother had suffered any significant trauma to her body before falling pregnant, can have a dramatic effect on how her body will cope with the postural changes required during pregnancy. A back that is already under strain from any pre-existing limitations, will struggle to accommodate the growing uterus. This can cause a variety of problems, from lower back pain, shoulder tightness, neck pain, headaches, aching of the legs and undue fatigue.

Osteopathic treatment can be beneficial during and after pregnancy in so many ways, for example to improve your posture, to help ease the physical discomfort of pregnancy and to help prepare the mother’s body for the physical demands of labour and to help the recovery after pregnancy and delivery.

Helps to improve the circulation, reduce puffiness and heaviness, releases tight muscles, and promotes good posture making the mother-to-be feel relaxed and less stress.

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