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Niki Matthews BSc Ost (Hons), BMAS, BHSAI Cert Ed Accredited Coach

Posture is the position in which the body is held in space and time

The body is a dynamic structure and is dependent on the harmonious balance of the muscular skeletal system. When all the joints are correctly aligned and the muscles are working efficiently this good posture helps prevent injury and improves wellbeing.

Osteopaths are well versed in the application of spinal and joint manipulation in comparison to Physiotherapists. Osteopaths will look to treat the body as a whole whilst physiotherapists are generally area specific and target the tissues involved and are much more likely to include exercise as a part of treatment.

Advantages of good posture

  • Maintains correct alignment of bones and joints.
  • Maintains correct functioning of the muscular skeletal system in all weight baring activities.
  • Reduces abnormal wear and tear on joint surfaces.
  • Reduces stresses on ligaments, tendons and facia.
  • Protects muscles from strain and over use as they are used efficiently and effectively.
  • Reduces stiffening and fixing of the spine in compensation.

Disadvantages of bad posture

  • Postural dysfunction or “Poor” posture is defined as when the spine is positioned in unnatural positions, in which the curves are emphasised and this results in the joints, muscles and vertebrae being in stressful positions. This prolonged poor positioning results in a build-up of pressure on these tissues.
  • Body aches and pains including upper or lower back pain, neck, shoulder and arm pain. Lower limb pain including leg and hip, knee or ankle pain
  • Muscle fatigue
  • Headaches due to a build-up on tension in the upper back, neck and shoulders.

If a misalignment is maintained over long periods it will inevitably lead to soft tissue damage. Back pain can arise from muscles, nerves, joints and bones of the back.

Trauma, repetitive injury, type of work, natural wear and tear can all be contributing factors, including poor posture. Back pain can arise from muscles, nerves, joints and bones of the back.

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