Cumbria Osteopathy

Cumbria Osteopathy

Niki Matthews BSc Ost (Hons), BMAS, BHSAI Cert Ed Accredited Coach

Postural training for horse and rider

Producing good posture is the foundation for any equine discipline at any level.

In Equitation there are two biomechanical systems, each with their own unique function, together the dynamics constantly influence each other. Postural training works to enhance and strengthen your understanding of how your posture affects the horse and vice versa.

Riders often forget to look after themselves, it is imperative to get yourself checked as your posture will have a massive impact on the horses you ride.

I offer a unique incite in my Posture Assessments and Lessons, educating both horse and rider to produce posture whatever level you at or working towards.

  • Horse and rider Postural Assessments
  • Human treatment Clinic
  • Riding lessons
  • BHS Accredited courses
  • Courses for local colleges
  • Talks and workshops

Teaching Background

I am a qualified Equine Science Lecturer, BHS Riding Instructor and Accredited Coach with over 27 years of experience in the Equine industry, teaching, lecturing and yard management, with particular interest in biomechanics and lameness.

A knowledgeable, effective, and proven Osteopath with 16 years of experience, Biomechanical specialist, with emphasis on conformation, posture, performance and rehabilitation, with humans, equine and canine patients.

I started my teaching career in my teens in the days when you would start at a riding school helping in order to get a free ride. This progressed to weekend teaching and this experience enabled me to work for Camp America one summer teaching in Vermont.

Completing my BHSAI qualification enabled me to teach in America, New Zealand and Australia whilst traveling in my 20’s.

On my return to England working as a yard manager and freelance Instructor I studied for my CertEd which enabled me to both write and run courses and to lecture in both BHS, NVQ’s, BTEC and A level courses.

British Horse Society

I have been a member of the BHS for as long as I can remember even before I had my first pony. I have been a riding instructor for over 20 years and the BHS has progressed and modernized as I have, as technology science and teaching methods progress.

I am proud to teach the BHS courses and would encourage anyone who wants a career in the equine industry in any sphere to use one of the BHS career pathways. They hold worldwide recognition and I have used them to teach in many countries over the years.

The British Horse Society was founded in 1947, and has have grown over the past 70 years to become the largest and most influential equestrian charity in the UK with over 112,000 members. They aim to protect and promote the interests of all horses and those who care about them, including the 3.5 million people in the UK who ride or who drive a horse-drawn carriage.

During 70 years, the BHS has made a real impact on the lives of horses and horse owners with wide-ranging campaigns and initiatives.

Their core foundations – education, welfare, access, safety are more important than ever as they demonstrably make a difference to horses lives.

  • Welfare services for horses and advice for owners
  • Campaigning for and protecting equestrian rights of way
  • Improve safety for horses, riders and carriage drivers
  • Promoting riding for all
  • Offering world-class qualifications
  • Approvals system awarding quality instruction and care

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